More about the Reffitt family to come.......

Yo!  Why did you go into business?

The short answer is......You can

thank this guy, Billy Reffitt III,

or as we call him Joey!  Joey has

been allergic to dairy since he

was a baby.  We always hated 

that whenever everyone else

could get our family's ex-favorite

treat, ice cream, and Joey couldn't enjoy it with us.

We wanted to help revitalize downtown Columbia City but couldn't think of a concept that would work so after a trip to our favorite yogurt shop in Fort Wayne we knew what we wanted to do and we wasted no time buying a building, remodeling it, and bringing a build your own yogurt shop. We're one of the smallest towns you'll find a shop like this in, but with our awesome community at our backs we're looking forward to years of success.......Hopefully Joey, Jada, Lincoln, or Zane will run it someday!